Acharaphan Jaraswat


Assoc. Prof. in the Dpt. of Sociology ,
PHONE 028002840




Acharaphan Jaraswat is a Ph.D. Candidate in Development Administration at the Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). She is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences. Previously she was appointed as the Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Interior, to oversee the Department of Community Development with her main roles in providing childcare in the local government sector while also a consultant and managing director of the OTOP City project OTOP Product Champion. Some of her published works include : Spirituality for Executives (Translation of Gary Hamel); Thai Civil Society : A Democratic Vision for the Criminal Justice Agencies: Toward a New Paradigm; A Study of Problem Situation and Success Level Regarding Confidence in Criminal Justice Process of People in Southern Border Provinces (2009)