Baranee Boonsong


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Baranee Boonsong is a lecturer in the Department of Folklore Philosophy and Religion, Faculty of Humanities, Naresuan University, Thailand. Her education includes: Bachelor of Arts in Japanese – Chulalongkorn University. Master of Japanese Studies, Faculty of Arts. M Press. And PhD Folklore Humanities Forum. Certificate training course in Japanese long-term (nine months) Japan Foundation, Saitama, Japan. Certificate training of Japanese language. Short-term (2 months) Japan Foundation, Saitama, Japan. Futher training includes: 1. September 1, 2559 to September 1, 2559 the Promotion and Development of research activities KM research paper presented at the international conference room Mini Conference Building IT, organized by the Research and Academic Services. Humanities. 2. 26 July 2559 to 26 July 2559 a workshop for writing projects and the conclusion of the project. Humanities Forum. Overlord / HU 1307, at 3. 25 July 2559 25 July 2559 to promote and develop research activities KM integrating research with education and outreach. Humanities Forum. Overlord / one thousand three hundred and seven HU 4. April 18 2559 to April 18, 2559 the workshop. Using a database of quality assurance. Higher education Division of Quality Education Audit and evaluation services. Naresuan University.