Bupatip Chamnil


Director ,
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Ms. Chamnil obtained a Bachelor degree in Home Economics majoring in Family and Children development, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University. She is currently the Director of Rak Khao Chamao Group and work with many SIF in Rayong. While at Ramkamhaeng University in Bangkok, Ms. Bupatip took part in university-sponsored camping trips to rural areas. In 1992, she returned to eastern Thailand where she began to organize activities for youth in her community, while taking a leading role in establishing adult citizen sector networks in the region. In 1998, Ms. Bupatip started powerful activities to preserve the Rak Khao Chamao, training youth leaders both to manage the group and to interact and communicate with adults in the community. Since then, she has focused on integrating the group into regional and national youth networks, helping them secure additional partners to address larger issues. She was awarded Wise Women in 1999 in environment category. She has participated in many projects to rehabilitate the land around the Easter region of Thailand.