Kullaya Kawsom


The business owner ,
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Khun Kullaya graduated the higher vocational education major Marketing. After that she open the shop in her hometown. Current, she is a director of Occupational social development network 52 Lampoon, stay at Bhatadhaduang Telecentre, Li, Lamphun. It has many product to sell for example woven fabric and Papae coffee pulverize. In the first phase, no success. People don’t know, that the good fabric weave of the community. When weave out distribution that can’t sell, then she ask the counseling center manager ICT community (Mr.Prasan Suksert) in development and increase sales items. By using the advantage of the network ICT to seek the concept product development community. Finally, she can develop products until the products look equal to the nationals. The ICT community can help such as integrated search look fabric woven or use of color to bring improvement products better and sources of raw materials, including knowledge product publicity and finding customers. Which Khun Kullaya set with the intention to make woven Li District is known and can create revenue for sustainable community.