Nitida Sengsingkaew




Asst. Prof. Nitida Sengsingkaew Ph.D. is a lecturer in the Newspapers and Publishing Department, The Faculty of Journalism, Thammasat University. She used to be a radio presenter for programs including: FM.96.5 (focussing on women’s issues), FM.92.5 (focussing on media issues), FM.101 (focussing on mental health knowledge), and FM105, MCOT FM96.0.5 (focussing on topics of children, youth and families). Some of her research topics include: democratic awareness in youth culture through a series of projects under the Youth Thailand; Communication studies on 1st Page news : discourses on crime. (sponsored by the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University); the analyzes studies in Counseling, mental health issues through the hotline: Lessons from the radio; Journal of Mental Health of Thailand.