Omthip Suttipongkiat




Khun Omthip Suttipongkiat is expert in the environment of Agricultural Technology. She is a director of the office of agricultural extension and development 2 Ratchaburi. To promote and support personnel, and farmers in the community driven agricultural extension work of the area southern part, which has the analysis and research to develop the agricultural extension work. Technology of production system that suits the agricultural area. Support and promotion agriculture according to the project due to the initiative. To improve the development of the farmers and farmers have an ecotourism entrepreneurs. Including training and transfer of agricultural technology to officials and farmers in the area around the country and supporting farmer’s access to knowledge. Information, which has become the core of. Development of the information technical support in production and management product. The quality of agricultural products. And community enterprise to officials, community and farmers, as well as a counsel and coordination to government agencies and private in driving the development of agriculture as well. The office of the provincial agriculture in the strategic plan. Plan and integrated planning of extension at the provinces and the United Provinces.