Pataporn Sukontamarn


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Assistant Professor Pataporn Sukontamarn is a lecturer in The College of Population Studies at Chulalongkorn University. Her education is Ph.D. in Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science. Research Interests are Development Economics, Education and Human Capital. Publication: “Time-use in Childrearing in Migrant Workers’ Families in Thailand: An Ordered Logistic Regression Approach”, 2015, Journal of Demography. (Joint with On-anong Saiphoklang, Patcharawalai Wongboonsin, and Kua Wongboonsin) “Higher Education in ASEAN with Special Reference to Thailand”, 2014, Asian Review 27. (joint with Chantal Herberholz) “Bangladesh’s Food for Education Program: The Effects on Two Groups of Targeted Households”, 2013, Education Economics 21(1). “Marital Status and Self-assessed Health of Elderly Thais”, 2011, Journal of Demography. (Joint with Wiraporn Pothisiri and Vipan Prachuabmoh).