Pattama Vilailert




Pattama Vilailert is Tourism Development Consultant. She has Expertise Conducting social and tourism development research, especially in the GMS countries. Hands on tourism development consultant specialize in tourism market, research and feasibility study.
Focus on GMS (Mekong) countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Southern China. Specializing in tourism development projects. Have conducted projects for ADB, Lao National Tourism Administration and public and private sectors in Thailand.Position Tourism Consultant, VP South East Asia, Chiang Rai Food Safety, Chiang Rai Model and Fict Associate for Chiang Rai Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports. Global Luxury hospitality and lifestyle awards. Working on the Global Luxury hospitality and lifestyle awards concept and laying down plans to market it in Asia and Far East. Liaising with related organizations.