Penchom Saetang


Secretary General ,
PHONE 029525061




Ms. Saetang was born into a working class household of eight siblings and was the first-generation college graduate. In addition to conducting volunteer work with Bangkok’s slums communities, she spent her later years as an undergraduate traveling to rural areas with an alternative theater group. Instead of performing for the audience, she taught children theatrical skills. Working in Bangkok during the chemical explosion in 1991, Ms. Penchom joined citizen advocates to pressure the military junta to release chemical information. Since then, she has developed numerous reports on the health and environmental impact of various hazardous waste instances. Ms.Penchom and the local community have also exposed the underlying corruption behind industrial pollution management, publishing reports that link corporate negligence with political interests. She has been appointed as the CO representative to many working groups, including the Senate subcommittee to study national health problems, and the subcommittee to investigate corruption and promote good governance. In 2006, she received the Asian Public Intellectual Fellowship, funded by the Nippon Foundation. She chose to study the Japanese citizen movement following severe methylmercury poisoning from industrial wastewater, now widely recognized as the incurable Minamata disease which has affected over 200,000 local residents and more than 10,000 patients.