Punyisa Trakoonyingcharoen


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Assistant Professor Dr. Punyisa Trakoonyingcharoen is a lecturer in Dept. of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University. Kamphaeng Saen Campus. Her graduated Ph.D. (Soil Science), Kasetsart University, Thailand, 2005. And B.S. (Agriculture), Kasetsart University, Thailand, 1999. International Journal in 2012 “Effects of land use on some physical, chemical, and mineralogical characteristics of Thai Oxisols”, ScienceAsia, Volume 38, Issues 1, January – March 2012, Pages 82-89. In 2006 “Properties of iron oxides in red Oxisols and red Ultisols as affected by rainfall and soil parent material”, AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF SOIL RESEARCH, Volume 44, Issues 1, September 2006, Pages 63-70. In 2006 “Properties of kaolins in red Oxisols and red Ultisols in Thailand”, APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE, Volume 32, Issues 1-2, April 2006, Pages 25-39. And National Journal in 2016 “Some soil properties change in different age of rubber plantation”, วารสารแก่นเกษตร, Volume 44, Issues 1, January 2016. In 2016 “The appropriate mixing of rice husk and sand with Saraburi series to make adobe brick for earth construction”, Kan Kaset Journal, Volume 44, Issues 2, April – June 2016, Pages 321-326. In 2015 “Longitudinal Distribution of Sugarcane Stalk’s Brix at Various Age as Affected by Canopy Temperature and Amount of Water Along Their Growing Period”, วารสารวิทยาศาสตร์เกษตร, Volume 46, Issues 1, January – April 2015, Pages 83-93. And in 2015 “Effects of Soil Management on Some Soil Properties and Soil Fertility Status in HighlySuitable Zone for Cassava Plantation in NakhonRatchasima Province”, Plant Song Kla Nakarin Journal, Volume 2, Issues 4, October – December 2015, Pages 52-60.