Ratana Chanthateyanonth


Lecturer at the Department of Chemical ,
PHONE 024419817




Dr. Ratana Chanthateyanonth experts in science and technology. She graduates in Organic / Organometallic Chemistry, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada). She is both being the lecturer and scientists in the Institute of Molecular Biosciences; Mahidol University. She experts in science and technology : synthetic polymer type den Primero with metal especially about the catalyst in the reaction of carbon monoxide into organic compounds; the synthesis of poly urethane adhesive from the oil polyol derived from nature. Some of her published works : the process changes of the chemical composition of natural rubber by heating to produce a substance that is beneficial to the chemical industry; the Synthesis of Hyperbrached-Vinylsulfonic Acid Sodium Salt Chitosan: Enhanced Solubility in Water; the stabilized emulsions; etc.