Rattanawan Mungkung


Lecturer at the Department of Technology and Environment ,
PHONE 29428844




Dr. Rattanawan Mungkung is Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the Department of Technology and Environment at Kasetsart University. She is also the Director of the Center of Excellence VGREEN, an institution that offers academic services and regulations on environmental standards to farmers, community members, and organizations. Dr. Rattanawan received the Best Paper Award" in Eco Design in Tokyo, Japan and the Outstanding Research Award from Thailand Research Fund Institute in 2556. She was recognized for her study and researches on The conditions for international trade, the application life cycle assessment of the product for environmental management engaged in the chain production of frozen shrimp; The analysis and management of the carbon footprint of paddy fields; and the rice packaging for carbon labeling to support low-carbon economy in mitigating global warming.