Saree Aongsomwang


Secretary General ,
PHONE 0816685240




Ms. Aongsomwang is Secretary General at The Foundation for Consumers. Raised in the South of Thailand, she is the daughter of rubber plantation owners. Influenced by leaders of the democratic movement of the late 1970s while still a university student, Ms. Saree became involved in politics, an interest that culminated in her election as vice-president of the student body. In 1981, she obtained her BA in Nursing and worked at a hospital in health care system. Consequently, she obtained a MA degree in Social and Community Development at Thammasat University, Thailand's leading public policy school. Ms. Saree worked for The Coordinating Committee for Primary Health Care of Thai NGOs (CCPN), a non governmental and non profit organization which coordinate health groups in the country. While CCPN was effective in introducing policy reforms in health care, the organization did not directly address to the public, an audience Ms. Saree saw as critical to improving not only for health care rights, but consumer rights more broadly. Three years after joining CCPN, she founded the Foundation for Consumers in Bangkok to work with people, as well as policy makers, for theprotection of consumer rights.