Sunantha Tedsuk


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Sunantha Tedsuk is a lecturer in Principal Place development, language learning, Myanmar, Faculty of Humanities, Naresuan University, Thailand. Education: Bachelors degree (Myanmar) sot. Hons 2nd, Naresuan University. Master of sot (folklore), Naresuan University. Training: 1. March 18, 2559 to March 18, 2559 Workshop "has forgiven saving unit staff. Humanities / International College of Humanities and 2. May 10, 2554 May 12, 2554 to develop competencies for the job of secretary office personnel. Faculty of Humanities University course to strengthen behavior and excellent service office secretary. Humanities / guests at Bang Saen Muang Chonburi Villas 3. May 31, 2553 to June 4, 2553 Workshop for English conversation practice for staff in the Faculty of Humanities Institute of Humanities Room / HU 1 201 4. 20 May 2553. To May 21, 2553 training workshop on strategies to develop effective team leaders and team Faculty / as. Crystal Mountain Resort Phetchabun 5. February 15, 2552 to February 16, 2552 Office of Personnel Competency Development Secretary.