Supanee Sengsri


Assistant Professor, Lecturer ,
PHONE 055962411




Ms. Sengsri is Assistant Professor at the Department of Education Technology and Communications, Faculty of Education, Naresuan University in Pitsanuloke. In 2000 she obtained her PhD Doctor of Education (Educational Technology and Communication) at the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn
University, Bangkok, Thailand. Her publications include Sengsri, Supanee, “Distance Education”, 4 academic articles in Faculty of Education, Naresuan University, “Behaviors of Graduate Student in Distance Learning: A Case Study of Naresuan University”, “Composition Analysis of Network Instruction”, “e-Learning Factor in Higher Education” Naresuan University. “A In-service Teacher Training Model in Electronic Media Development” Hongkong University, “Thailand: In-service Teacher Training Model in ICT” Madras University.