Suteera Chamlongsupalak


Assistant director (e-Learning) ,
PHONE 955463965




Miss Suteera Chamlongsupalak is an assistant director (e-Learning part) in Loxley Public Company Limited , Bangkok. She is expert in Technology and Innovation. To manage e-learning media and administration of OPPY club CLUB BY LOXLEY which club is computer and Internet for senior citizens With the development of the use ICT and curriculum development Train-the-Trainer. Her graduated in major Media Technology from University of Wisconsin and Certificate of Video/Television Production Columbia Academy of Radio Television and Recording Arts, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Outstanding performance, such as Special training in activities to promote and develop the knowledge ICT under the project promotion and development, using ICT project construction, learning to the immune system using information technology. The development of Network Basics in the form e-Learning tot Company Limited special lecturer topic. Online Marketing. Techniques and Showcases (Entrepreneurial Marketing) include the writings such as columns knowledge from the teacher. The site of the club. OPPY (computer club and the Internet for the elderly). Pocket books Khun Ying Chatchanee invited senior Internet play is not difficult column Cyber Guide: Step by Step in the magazine Internet Monthly Magazine.