Q: What is the WMN – Thailand database?

A:  The Women Make the News – Thailand database is a tool to advance gender equality in the media and society by providing journalists with expert sources to feature more women in news media. The database features Thai female experts in three different themes areas: Media, ICT & InnovationCultures & Histories of ASEAN; and Environment & Climate Change, but are not limited to these areas.  To learn more about why the database exists, please visit our project information page.


Q: Who is the WMN – Thailand database for?

A: The Women Make the News – Thailand database is primarily a resource for journalists to use in order to find experts on different topics in Thailand who are women. The database aims to close the gap seen in Thailand and around the world where women account for less than a quarter of sourced experts in the news. Available in English and Thai, the database want to serve local as well as foreign journalists covering news in Thailand.


Q: How do you use the database?

A: You can search for Thai female experts using our advanced search function, which allows you to search by expertise, location, theme, sector, and keyword.  Alternatively, you can also browse different featured areas of the database on our homepage.


Q: Who can join the database?

A:  To be considered as an expert in the WMN – Thailand database, you must fulfill our criteria:


  • Experts in our database refer to researchers, specialists, policy-makers but also advocates, community leaders – a wide range of valuable contact resource for the media.
  • Database members can be based in or outside of Thailand, can be young or established professionals, but must be Thai.
  • Database members are female Thai professionals with an expertise or specific experience in one of our three thematic areas.

If you believe you fit our criteria or know someone who does, please use our form or nominate a new expert.


Q: What are the database themes and why are they featured on the WMN – Thailand database?

A: The database features Thai female experts in three different themes areas: Media, ICT & InnovationCultures & Histories of ASEAN; and Environment & Climate Change, but are not limited to these areas.  These three themes have been identified as lacking female voices in the media by the journalists themselves in a survey. And they were also chosen as topical areas of particular public interest given the agenda and policies priorities in Thailand today. The database is not limited to these three theme areas, however, these themes represent target areas UNESCO Bangkok would like to highlight.


Q: How to edit my profile? Why are some profiles not available in the 2 languages?
A: Each expert profile relies on the experts themselves to verify and update the data as it changes over time.  Right now, any updates or changes to the expert profiles can be made by emailing m.ito@unesco.org with the new information in English/Thai.  If you would like to add a missing translation for your profile in English or Thai, you can also do that by contacting m.ito@unesco.org.


Q: Who runs the The Women Make the News – Thailand database?

A: The Women Make the News – Thailand database is managed by UNESCO Bangkok. The first 250 experts of the database were collected with the main support of The Research Center of Communication and Development Knowledge Management (CCDKM) based at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University. Other local organizations did inform the project development before its launch through their participation in the consultation group (see our project presentation here).

Furthermore, the project benefits from financial support of the Swedish Government and of Australian Aid. Current partners of the database are CCDKM and Akin Asia.


Q: Has there been a vetting process of the experts? 

A: Yes, there is a vetting process conducted by UNESCO Bangkok, along with its partners to provide a quality pool of female experts on a range of topics and expertise in Thailand. Each expert profile has been reviewed by this team in Bangkok and each new entry will get reviewed by UNESCO Bangkok and its partners before it is published on the database website. Please note, the vetting process follows the principle of peer’s recommendation and does not imply any ranking of the experts by UNESCO.


Q: Can I partner with Women Make the News – Thailand?

A: UNESCO Bangkok is always looking for partners to help enhance and promote the database, and keep it growing with quality entries in both English and Thai. UNESCO Bangkok is especially interested to collaborate with media outlets as well as journalism education institutions based in Thailand to promote the database among journalists or journalism students.


We are especially looking for partners and sponsors to:

  • Promote the database as tool for journalists in media outlets or journalism education and training institutions
  • Offer training opportunities in English and Thai to the members of the database to foster their communication and media skills (see section Training)
  • Support us in the vetting and translation of profiles in English and Thai
  • Support us to identify new experts or introduce new area of expertise


If you are interested in partnering with us or collaborating with us in sponsorship of gender equality in the media, please contact us at m.ito@unesco.org